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Remote "command prompt" (rsh, pseudo-telnet) over HTTP
A server for a HTTPFS network file system that "exports" the entire file system of its host computer to remote clients
Another HTTPFS server that provides a (read-only) access to a structured document --an e-mail message -- as if it were a file system directory
An trivial CGI script to edit a remote file in a web browser (server) (client)
A simple HTTP uploading tool. It is somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft Frontpage's server extensions. The tool lets you push content -- web pages, images, binary files -- from one computer to another. If the source platform is Winxx/WinNT, one can write a one-line .bat file to upload files just by dragging and dropping them onto an icon. The tool works through web proxies and gateways. Thus once you can download web pages, you should be able to upload them as well.
The tool has been described -- in great detail and in a wide context -- in an article Speaking HTTP: A File-Uploader Tool, USENIX ;login: -- vol. 25, No. 2 -- April 2000, pp. 6-14.

Scheme in Perl, or Perl as Scheme


However unexpected, Perl and Scheme are indeed somewhat close. This article will show nested, improper and circular lists, shared data structures, fixpoint and other combinators, higher-order functions and closures -- all in Perl. Even the location of parentheses is sometimes similar to that in Scheme notation.

 The current version is 1.1, Apr 3, 2000.

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